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February 02, 2006


Donna Ford

I miss your blogs and hope that
nothing is wrong and that you are just on tour.

Have just received my copy of
Without a Word, large print and
can't wait to read it.


Thanks for blogging, Ms. Benjamin. It's a treat to have another venue for your thoughtful prose. I've been dog-less for too long, and am getting an 8 month-old Beagle on Friday, so I'm re-reading my favorite training books, and trying to pick which towels to demote to dog-duty. I'm looking forward to having just one dog for now -- thanks for the reminder of what a multi-dog household requires, if everyone's going to stay happy. Looking forward to the next mystery.


I have two. The vet reports that when they're boarding, they do much better in the same kennel.

However, at home they don't mind being without each other at all! It's me who dies a thousand deaths at the forlorn look on the face of the one left behind. The dog who stays home isn't missing her canine partner---it's the adventure, and maybe just a little bit me (but only a little), that she can't stand being left out of.

Nevertheless, the one dog outing has a depth the full team doesn't quite bring with it. You get to concentrate on and enjoy the one dog's personality. No tangled leashes, no waiting for one's business while the other is ready to move on, just a lot of simple joy.

It's funny what unique personalities they all have.

dog training books

Letting the dogs see that they are safe going out without each other, and, as important, safe staying home without each other is an important part of their training

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