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January 19, 2006



Hi Carol,

Sorry, this doesn't relate to your blog posting but I didn't know how else to contact you. Hopefully you read these comments!

I recently read your book "Surviving your dog's adolescence", when my miniature schnauzer Biko was 6 months old. I counted myself as very lucky that he wasn't displaying the symptoms described in the book, but nonetheless I thoroughly enjoyed the book and put many of your suggestions into practice straight away, as a precaution against future problem behaviours and just because they made life better for Biko and myself. He particularly likes his "nose hugs", responding by enthusiastically licking me under my chin. He didn't even mind being evicted from my bed at night!

Now Biko is nearly 8 months old and while he's been showing a few signs of adolescence he hasn't been nearly as stubborn as mini schnauzers are famed to be, and is generally an extremely well- behaved puppy (I know I'm probably biased but friends and family are more than happy to look after him if I have to go away, because he's so good).

I truly believe that a lot of the credit for this needs to go to the changes I made after reading your book, and want to thank you for writing a book that is not only incredibly helpful but also interesting and funny. I've not seen one other book that deals with this important phase in a dog's life. It must be a wonderful feeling knowing you've made such a difference to thousands of dogs and their owners.

If I lived in the US I'd definitely attend one of your classes or take private lessons but since I'm in Australia I'll have to content myself with your books. I've ordered "Mother knows best" and "Dog training in ten minutes" and am eagerly awaiting their arrival.

Thanks again and best regards

(and a woof from Biko)

PS I couldn't find your books here in Australia and had to order them from the US via Amazon. We're quite dog-crazy here in Australia and I'm sure your books would be really popular - maybe your publisher could look into releasing them here...


PPS I absolutely LOVED the illustrations and was amazed to learn that you drew them. Wise AND talented, what a combination!

Carol Lea Benjamin

It's always great to hear that one of my books has helped a dog fit snuggly into his home. Thanks so much for taking the time to write.



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