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January 16, 2006



Greetings Ms. Benjamin,

Thank you for writing: Dog Training in 10 minutes. I think your writing style is joyful and your info useful.

I have 2 rescue Eskies. Nyo, the elder one came from a no kill Eskie rescue in Fresno. Kim and Dan (the rescue people) think she was hit on the head with a brush. She is very resistant to grooming; but, we manage.

Dakota (age 4)was scheduled to be put down on my birthday last year. Kim alerted me; because she and Dan can only house 40 dogs. Dakota is only 20 pounds but he is definitely all alpha male. He is very smart but needs more education. I found your book very helpful.

Odd quirk: The blue and gray water bowl is identical to my outdoor water bowl.

Take Care, Lzee

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