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December 05, 2005



Hi Carol, I have been reading your book "Mother Knows Best", and am delighted by your knowledge, wisdom and gentle humor!!

I was thinking that I sure would like to meet you and put Beethoven in a puppy kindergarten under your guidance. I looked at the information about you and- wonder of wonders(!!!) it said you live part-time in Gardiner.

I live in Accord, work in New Paltz. I tried to look you up but you do not seem to be listed. Then I realized your book was published in 1985, so I gather you are no longer in this area.

Well, I do not know if you read these comments, but I wanted to say, "hi", and again relay how much I am enjoying and benefiting from your book.

If by some small miracle, you do still live in Ulster County. And if by some greater miracle, you are interested in creating a class on obediance training... then please contact me!
My e-mail is: [email protected]



Dear Jessica,

I used to be in Gardiner on weekends, but as you guessed, no longer. I'm in Greenwich Village now, but I can't say I don't miss the view of the mountains and riding my bike on country roads, conversing, at times, with cows. Thanks for your kind comments about Mother Knows Best and great, good luck with Beethoven.


Judith Ann Henson

Dear Carol,
I have read all of your books but it has been a been a couple of years since I've read any.
Have you written any more about Daschal since 2006? I love your stories and I hope all is well with you.
Sincerely, Judith

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